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 Motorcycle Attorneys Who Really Ride!

I’m sure you have seen ads to hire a lawyer who rides because he is just like you and will understand your situation. The truth is, the closest these so called “rider” lawyers get to a bike is for a pose of them sitting on it. Ask them where they rode last weekend or where they are riding next weekend or how they got to the office that day. Posers!

 We are a member of the Southern Cruisers Riding Club, a nationwide organization. Sandy Senen was a founder of and served as second officer in the S.C.R.C., Old Road Chapter and as the safety officer for the S.C.R.C., SCV chapter. 

Sandy Senen is also a member of the Valkyrie Riders, The Concours Owners Group and ride with the Old Farts of the San Fernando Valley. and has had the privilege of not only riding with the membership but also leading many rides and acting as tailgunner.


Why hire a Lawyer who rides?


Because we know the joy of riding in the wind and what it’s like not to be able to ride due to an injury caused by another. We understand what counter-steering is. Just try to explain to a cage driving lawyer, that to turn right you must push left. We know why you cannot just slam on the brakes to avoid a car turning in front of you. You won’t have to explain how to ride a bike to get your point across.


We will understand your anger at cagers who drive with little or no regard for us, who don’t check their mirrors, who are talking on cell phones instead of watching out for others. We will bring that outrage into  settlement talks or at trial.


Most of all we will know why you ride. You’ll get no disparaging remarks or stupid comments about your decision to live free and fly rather than sit in a cage. You and your concerns will be understood.

Experience counts


We are lawyers with over 50 years of personal injury experience. We have been in private practice as plaintiffs attorneys and have recovered large awards for our clients.


We were defense counsel for Liberty Mutual Insurance and 21st Century Insurance for years and we understand how the insurance companies look at and evaluate your case.  While attending law school we were adjusters for several insurance companies so we know how to talk to their representatives to get you the most money for your claim.